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No two office cleanings are alike. There are office spaces of similar size and shape, but the business that is conducted in these office spaces are what makes us unique.

Each of our clientele has special requests or specific products that they prefer to be used. That's okay! We want to make your place shine; keeping your special requests in mind!

Simply put, we deliver quality services to quality clients. We specialize in office cleaning and janitorial services in San Angelo, Texas and surrounding areas.

With Jowers Commercial Cleaning you will receive quality, value, and peace of mind. We're very committed to delivering the services our clientele want, listening closely to their expectations, taking a pro-active approach in defining their needs, and building the best partnering relationship possible.

office cleaning lady using a vacuum to clean an office space


We proudly offer other types of professional cleaning, as well. We provide quality commercial carpet cleanings, floor maintenance, VCT strip and wax, and low-moisture floor cleanings to numerous clients. 

At Jowers Commercial Cleaning, our mission is to offer the best professional cleaning services by providing superior customer service, quality services, and continuous development that allow customers in the greater San Angelo area to increase the value of their image and revenues by having a clean facility.​

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We are a US Veteran-Owned, local business. We're bonded, insured, and provide quality work! Whether you are a single location who is in need of a customized cleaning program, or a small chain of locations who wants uniformity of service and centralized administration, we can handle your needs.

We are proud to provide you with the capabilities and experience of a large cleaning franchise and the personal touch of a locally owned small business.

We are bonded, insured, HIPAA Privacy and Security Awareness certified, and ready to go to work for you! Please contact us today at 325-374-3794 and ask for your free quote.

How clean is your office?

Water Coolers Have Bacteria

Keyboard Are Filled With Bacteria

Keyboard Are Filled With Bacteria

Typical water cooler that is found in most work spaces and offices.

Approximately 25% of all water cooler buttons are known to be a high risk for transmitting illnesses in the office.

Keyboard Are Filled With Bacteria

Keyboard Are Filled With Bacteria

Keyboard Are Filled With Bacteria

Someone typing on a keyboard that is covered in bacteria and germs.

Did you know that most keyboards being used in today's offices have seventy percent more bacteria on them than the toilet seats in your office?

Sanitize The Office / Desk Phone

Keyboard Are Filled With Bacteria

Office Restrooms Need Cleaning, Too!

Typical office phone that is seen in many office spaces.

The phones in a typical office area are known to have almost 25,000 germs per sq. inch. 

Office Restrooms Need Cleaning, Too!

Office Restrooms Need Cleaning, Too!

Office Restrooms Need Cleaning, Too!

Restroom faucet that is found in most public restrooms and offices.

75% of these bad boys are known to be illness transmitting in office spaces. These are a high risk germ and bacteria farm and spread illness rapidly.

Remember To Clean The Break Room

Office Restrooms Need Cleaning, Too!

Remember To Clean The Break Room

Chairs and a table similar to what might be seen in an office break room or lunch area.

Flu & Cold viruses live up to 3/4 of a day on hard surfaced areas AND the bacteria increase 31% per day when these are not cleaned and sanitized regularly!

Sanitize And Clean Office Desks

Office Restrooms Need Cleaning, Too!

Remember To Clean The Break Room

Clean desk and shelf sitting in the corner of a cleaned office space.

Studies have shown office desks to be well over 400 times dirtier than the office toilet seat with over 10,000 bacteria in just the space where your hands rest on the desk!

Why hire a professional cleaning service?

Man with a huge smile showing two thumbs up

Cleanliness Standards

Cleanliness Standards

Cleanliness Standards

Once you make the decision to have your office cleaned, you will surely want it done properly. A professional cleaning service can provide consistent results time after time.  No more worrying if your co-worker remembered it was their turn to clean the restrooms. 

We stay on top of new innovations and advancements within our industry. Jowers Commercial Cleaning continually updates our equipment and uses the newest best practices when cleaning your facility.  

Our specialized methods and vast array of techniques allow us to provide your facility with a more comprehensive cleaning.

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Less Liability

Cleanliness Standards

Cleanliness Standards

If you choose us as your service provider,   it will no longer be your responsibility to order the cleaning supplies, or keep the cleaning equipment up-to-date and in good shape, or refill the soap and paper towels, and so on. This allows you more time to be productive at work.

Also, you'll avoid liability issues. All chemicals and products used for cleaning have guidelines pertaining to health & safety. As well, there are rules for the proper storage and proper handling of these same chemicals.

Jowers Commercial Cleaning is accountable for all training and any certifications that may be deemed necessary for working with particular chemicals. And should anything go wrong, you will not be liable.

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Cleanliness Standards


We will help you determine which benefits your site the most. We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and once monthly cleanings. We offer suggestions and options.

We understand that business strategies may change. By using us as your cleaning service, scaling up or down will not pose the issues you may encounter using in-house employees performing the cleaning.

We will be happy to help determine the right cleaning frequency to save time and money by not performing unnecessary cleanings. 

We accept all major credit cards, business checks, and ACH payments to make life less complicated, as well.

A clean work environment.

Woman walking down a carpet hallway with a length of toilet tissue tuck to the heel of her shoe.

Office cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more.

Face it, no one enjoys going to work, living in, or even playing in a dirty environment.

We at Jowers Commercial Cleaning are concerned with your health, safety, security,

and productivity, as well as that of your employees, co-workers, and your family. 

The majority of us just simply function better when we are in a clean work environment.

People have a tendency to be more cheerful when the area surrounding them is spotless, recently cleaned, and smells fresh.

Therefore, being a professional cleaning service in San Angelo, Texas that you can rely upon for your sanitation

and building maintenance needs seemed like the perfect standard in which to build our business strategy around. 

Our primary objective is providing you with a solid, well-organized cleaning service at an affordable rate.

We are San Angelo's office cleaning specialists. We love what we do and we are good at it, too!

We emphasize on making your janitorial duties and office cleaning a worry-free ordeal for you and your business.

We strive to be the best janitorial and office cleaning service provider in San Angelo. 

Our trained cleaning staff are empowering office managers and administrators to spend less time

 concerning themselves with janitorial issues and more time focusing on the productivity and efficiency of their businesses.

We have been successful in employing a highly-motivated team of office cleaning experts who execute detailed cleaning services

catered specifically for each of our clientele. We consistently strive to cultivate open and honest communication with our clientele

while simultaneously proving to them that we are the San Angelo office cleaning service that they can be proud of.  

We are proud to say that we also have a sister company named Chem-Dry of San Angelo.

Chem-Dry of San Angelo is Google's top rated carpet cleaning business in town based on reviews, etc.

 As the top rated carpet cleaning company for more than a 100 mile radius, we bring superior cleaning services to both, residential and commercial customers.

Through our selection of cleaning services, which were developed to address most indoor cleaning needs, our qualified cleaning technicians help our clientele

create a bright and vibrant atmosphere in their building that communicates to the world, "This facility is well-cared for by professionals." 

The numerous accounts in which we handle across our extensive Tom Green County service area afford us the opportunity to deliver cleaner business 

spaces to the professionals in these communities, producing satisfied clients who gladly endorse our services. Rather you're in the need of interior building cleaning

or a deep restoration carpet cleaning, you will find the friendly, high-quality floor care services you demand at Jowers Commercial Cleaning.

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