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Brad Jiko -

My office has been using Jowers Commercial Cleaning for over a year and they are very accommodating. They have cleaned our office on holidays, late evenings, weekends, and once when we were closed due to snow! Great people to deal with. Bill always sends our invoices and receipts in a timely manner. Bill accepts checks and credit cards which is a huge benefit to my accounting department. I have not had one issue with them since we started using their services.  Highly recommended. 

Amelia Taylor -

Good people. We started using them last month. They not only clean my building, but they now clean my carpet, too. It is refreshing to find a “one call does it all” cleaning service in San Angelo. We tried other companies. Don’t make the same mistake we did. One place we used sent new, “young adults” to our office each week. I never saw the same face twice. However, Jowers comes in and introduces his staff to us so that we are familiarized with each other. The lady that cleans my office in the evenings, Miranda, does a great job. Bill comes by to check on the progress and refills the cleaning closet with chemicals during normal business hours. Before leaving, Bill will always ask if everything is okay. No complaints.

Matthew A. Schmeltzer -

Impressive. Jowers Commercial Cleaning had a clean up crew on site 40 minutes after I made the call. I was in a jam and Bill came through like a champion. I'll be calling them often because of the fast service, friendly staff, and great results. 

Jocelyn Faith -

They are friendly, professional, reliable, and hard-working. Great company to work with. For the last two months, they have been cleaning the daycare where I work. Nice people. Bill disinfects our carpets for us, too. It is such a great feeling when the cleaning company truly understands the needs of the business they are cleaning. They created a custom cleaning program just for us! Awesome people. I would recommend to anyone who wants great customer service and a fair price.